Hotel Torre Bennistra, SicilyA paradise in the village of Scopello, with an amazing sightseeing on the Zingaro natural reserve

I always loved listening to people’s tales and for many years of my life I looked for stories as you seek treasures. Stories of people, loves, families, activities. Some were so beautiful that made me feel the desire to tell them with a new voice, that of my pictures.

The history of the hotel and restaurant Torre Bennistra started in the Sixties, when the Lentini purchased the license of tobacco and food shop that became a reference point for travelers wandering around Scopello, attracted by the beauty of the landscape and the scent of the tomato pasta with basil coming from the back room. So the Lentini family began to invite the first visitors to join their meal and received the first requests for the overnight stay: it was the beginning of an adventure. In fact, many people started to get there from all over Italy in search of forgotten flavors and genuine products, with the desire to taste the homemade cuisine and admire the view of the cliffs and the Zingaro nature reserve, that this small hotel enjoys almost exclusively.

It’s been about 50 years since this little gem opened for the first time and generations have followed, but the atmosphere in this place is always that of a generous and welcoming family, where there is always someone cooking delicacies or arranging some wild flowers in ever corner.

Here I found my personal Paradise, that had to me the scent of orange and jasmine blossoms, the sightseeing of the sun rising between the cliffs and the taste of an unforgettable amberjack tartare.

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Hotel Photographer Sicily / Hotel Torre Bennistra, Scopello, Sicily